Water infrastructure and environment

We are the market and technology leader in the water industry and make an important contribution to the quality of drinking water with our products and services. In the Water and Environment division, we at the BKW Group maintain and install hydrant systems, maintain municipal water facilities and develop groundwater and water pollution control projects.

Take a look at a day in the life of our employees

Discover our water infrastructure projects

With innovative solutions, our well-coordinated teams help to protect ecosystems and preserve them for future generations. They dedicate themselves daily to preserving clean water and ensuring that it is used efficiently. Take a look at some of our water infrastructure and environment projects.

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What our employees value

We set great store by a positive working environment and interpersonal factors. That’s why it’s second nature to us to look out for each other, to stand up for each other and to learn and grow together. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. Why? Because collaboration and true partnership are what set us apart. These are just some of the benefits we offer our employees:

  • Clear and modern working models
  • A competitive and transparent salary structure
  • Rewards for good performance
  • Clear and comprehensive measures to prevent accidents and illness
  • Respect for the different personalities and lifestyles of all employees
  • Tailored training and further education opportunities
  • Support for specialist and managerial pathways
  • Discounts from third-party companies, as well as share options and other benefits
«Because clean water is essential, our employees support each other in the careful and sustainable management of this vital resource.»
Martina Beispiel, CEO of Muster GmbH

Water infrastructure brings many different professions together

We are passionate about developing sustainable solutions for water systems and the environment. Our projects, which cover everything from water treatment to efficient resource management, strike a balance between environmental sustainability and economic efficiency. That’s why technical staff, field service technicians and water project managers are in great demand. In addition to experienced professionals, we are looking for reliable construction and logistics apprentices.

The BKW Group has lots of interesting jobs for you

BKW Group employees plan, implement and maintain trailblazing solutions in the Water Infrastructure and Environment division. We are looking for reliable employees in a wide range of professions to join our teams in all regions. Would you like to work in a stable and innovative environment alongside experienced professionals?

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View our apprenticeships in the Water infrastructure and environment division

View our apprenticeships in the Water infrastructure and environment division

Commercial consultant VET
Designer VET
Logistics specialist VET