Trading – Energy Markets

The Trading division handles the BKW Group’s energy and commodities trading activities. Employees trade in energy produced by BKW itself, energy from the stock exchange, and renewable energies. In our trading activities, we analyse the market, the weather and other influences to achieve the optimal purchase or sale price for energy..

What our employees value

We set great store by a positive working environment and interpersonal factors. That’s why it’s second nature to us to look out for each other, to stand up for each other and to learn and grow together. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. Why? Because collaboration and true partnership are what set us apart. These are just some of the benefits we offer our employees:

  • Clear and up-to-date working models
  • A competitive and transparent salary structure
  • Rewards for good performance
  • Clear and comprehensive measures to prevent accidents and illness
  • Respect for the different personalities and lifestyles of all employees
  • Tailored training and further education opportunities
  • Support for specialist and managerial pathways
  • Discounts from third-party companies, as well as share options and other benefits
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«We want to offer companies flexibility to support their decision-making and empower them to respond to price developments and benefit directly.»
Markus Eberhard, Head of Energy Sales & Solutions

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