Our quality requirements guarantee high-performance, safe electrical installations that align with the latest technological standards. As a competent service provider, BKW Building Solutions offers outstanding quality for reliable, safe electrical solutions. 

The world of electrotechnology at BKW Building Solutions

We offer everything from a single source for safe, high-performance electrical installations in line with the latest standards. We evaluate the optimisation potential for private, commercial and industrial buildings and lay down targeted measures to guarantee high levels of convenience, outstanding energy efficiency and good value for money. 


Job profiles

Electrical installers (VET) create electrical installations for homes, farms, businesses and industry and are responsible for the technical maintenance of existing systems. They either work in customer service, on new builds or conversions. They are very familiar with the demanding management of building technology and automation and know their way around complex systems (e.g. in the field of telecommunications, parametrisation of automated building control systems and lighting systems). The installation of systems to generate renewable energy (e.g. photovoltaic systems, heat pump systems) also falls within their remit. They review and monitor electrical installations, locate and fix faults, and carry out repairs and upkeep on electrical systems.


In this high-responsibility role, electrical project managers reliably carry out planning and organisation for small and medium-sized construction sites, ensuring they comply with safety regulations and quality management (quality, costs, deadlines). The creation of bids, bills and cost calculations is also part of their remit, as is managing an assembly team. Electrical project managers organise materials and tools based on the progress of the construction project and delivery dates, manage the construction log and advise our customers.

Electrical planners (VET) work in the fields of energy supply or building installation technology. Energy supply encompasses the macro-distribution of electrical energy, e.g. the construction of power plants, transformer substations, distribution cabinets, cabling and overhead cables. To this end, electrical planners design and draw project plans and develop detailed plans for the actual construction. Building installation technology includes the micro-distribution of electrical energy, e.g. lighting, heating and communications systems in residential and commercial properties, and industrial units. As part of this, electrical planners plan and draw out the building’s electricity supply and monitor the execution of all the associated work. They complete system documentation and advise the builders on the safe, economic operation of their electrical and communications technology systems.


Switchgear installers/automation installers/automation experts are responsible for the precise installation and wiring of high-value switchgears and controls. The reliable execution of changes and additions to existing systems, and the installation of systems on site, are part of this diverse remit.



How we work

We work in networks. That’s why we rely on trusting collaboration and maintain cross-company partnerships. Whether it’s within our own team, the company or the entire BKW Building Solutions Group, we support each other, take responsibility and seize every opportunity in a targeted way.

Together, we can achieve more
We pool our resources and, where possible, work hand-in-hand with our colleagues from BKW’s or the BKW Building Solutions Group’s network of partners. This gives rise to exciting collaborations. And it’s not just our customers that benefit from this, but our employees, too: diverse and interesting projects, transfer of expertise with other experts, an array of tangible development and promotion opportunities and the option of an overseas secondment – this flexibility and added value are things we can offer our employees thanks to our broad-based network and our membership in the BKW Group.


We take responsibility
We set great store by a positive working environment and interpersonal aspects. That’s why it’s second nature to us to look out for each other, stand up for each other, learn together, develop ourselves and take responsibility for our decisions and our actions. Why? Because collaboration and true partnership are what set us apart. 

What we’re working on

Alongside traditional electrical disciplines, we engage in a targeted, passionate manner in the field of renewable energies, often building a bridge to other trades (e.g. HVAC). This is because it is important to us to play as large a role as possible in the energy transition.


Making use of opportunities in the network
Werner Electro AG, a company rooted in its local area, managed to win an electrical project with the global Lonza Group. There are two reasons for this: firstly, Werner Electro AG has outstanding skills in the electrical field and enjoys an exceptionally professional reputation in Valais. Secondly, the company used the “tailwind” of the BKW Building Solutions Group to grasp this unique opportunity at this Swiss chemical and pharma company.