Information and communication technology (IT)

It’s now impossible to imagine our daily lives without IT, network, telecoms and cloud solutions. However, as these technical horizons expand, so the complexity of the offerings and products increases. As IT experts, we’re by our customers’ side.

The world of IT at BKW Building Solutions

Our specialists analyse existing IT infrastructure, and support customers when selecting and installing the right devices and maintaining them. Plus, our managed services offer a comprehensive, time-saving solution for IT environments, with all the products and services able to be rented from us with zero hassle.


Job profiles

  • Managing and executing client/server migration projects
  • Looking after customer infrastructures from design through to implementation and launch
  • Responsibility for smooth operation of customer environments
  • nstallation, configuration, support and management of IT hardware: clients, server systems, storage, printers, firewalls, routers and switches, plus IT software: operating systems, application solutions
  • Expert customer advice
  • Writing concepts and documentation
  • Mediation between customers, system engineers and solution providers in terms of the execution of specialist and technical ICT concepts
  • Investigation of new or changed requirements to see if they are feasible, and check their impact on existing/planned systems, standards and guidelines
  • Creation of concepts and bids
  • Management of ICT projects and responsibility for a smooth process in terms of costs, quality and deadlines
  • Coordination and monitoring of project employees’ activities
  • Planning and management of challenging and complex IT projects in the fields of cloud solutions, system and network engineering
  • Support for our sales team during the sales process
  • Advice and support for customers


How we work

We trust each other. Our employees enjoy a good deal of flexibility and room to manoeuvre. That’s why we stand by skills like independent organisation and responsibility. A healthy culture where mistakes are accepted is just as important as appreciative interaction.


We create value
We want our internal and external customers alike to be satisfied. How we reach this goal is less important to us than the fact that we reach it. That’s why flexibility and leeway, along with independence and taking responsibility, are part of our day-to-day work. We organise ourselves, which is why we work from the office, from customers’ sites, or from home. Cutting-edge tools and instruments help us do this, enabling us to collaborate at the highest level. 

We stick together
We’re team players. That’s why we maintain trusting, appreciative and respectful dealings with each other. We’re also committed to a healthy culture where feedback and mistakes are accepted. After all, it’s only when we’re curious, leave space for ideas, try out new things, and allow ourselves to fail too from time to time, that we can learn and develop further. This is the cornerstone of our success.

On the path to transformation
We’re becoming more. That’s because the BKW Group’s strategy foresees growth in IT over the next few years. In the course of this transformation, we’re going to invest resources in inorganic growth while also focusing on the development of our internal business. That means exciting, challenging projects are guaranteed.


What we’re currently working on

Our customers are in the midst of digitisation. That’s why we’re offering them targeted support with challenges and developing flexible solutions that add value.


The call centre of the future
We’re bringing our customers into the digital world. We’re developing voice bot solutions for call centres, based on artificial intelligence and big data. Kitted out with smart voice recognition and reproduction, the voice bot independently receives telephone enquiries and answers incoming questions, interacting directly with customers. Thanks to machine learning, the technology (or the algorithms behind it) improves as the data basis increases – in other words, from call to call. 

Communication and collaboration
We’re revolutionising how our customers collaborate. Our clever, flexible solutions simplify our customers’ communication, both internally and externally. Plus, we enable them to collaborate in new ways and develop enhanced approaches to support all their data processing.