We believe in sustainable electricity generation for our own four walls – and that’s why we’re helping customers generate their own electricity, consume it as efficiently as possible, and sell it on. To do so, we rely on perfectly coordinated modular energy solutions.

Solar at BKW Building Solutions

Our products range from high-performance solar power systems and battery storage through to efficient heat pumps and attractive solutions in the fields of electromobility and charging stations. Our specialists advise customers on selecting a solar power system and handle all the planning. We also deal with assembly, operation and maintenance, and assist with optimising the electricity potential.


Job profiles

In this exciting role, you install photovoltaic systems on sloped and flat roofs. You coordinate work on the ground and work closely with the site manager and project manager in question. As part of this, your solution-focused way of thinking is a decisive factor in the installation team’s success.


In this versatile role, you’re responsible for reliable planning and implementation of photovoltaic projects. You’ll develop the technical design, coordinate the individuals involved in the construction and act as the central contact for our customers, suppliers and other partners. Projects in the fields of electromobility, energy management and solar power storage also fall within your diverse remit. You’ll work closely with our site managers and the assembly team on the ground and are responsible for compliance with quality requirements, deadlines and costs.


In this diverse role, you are responsible for the specialist electrical installation and commissioning of photovoltaic systems, battery storage systems and controls to optimise personal consumption, plus the associated communication components. In addition, you create electrical connections to heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles. You independently plan out workflows, from the start of the installation to commissioning, and work hand-in-hand with the project manager and the installation team on the roof. Furthermore, you support the service department with repair work on existing systems.


Open positions

How we work

We build small power plants that interact and communicate with their environment and other modern technologies thanks to high-level networking and automation. We are able to master this complexity thanks to skilled experts, sound foundations, the use of innovative tools and methods, and strong partnerships.

Together, we are strong
Collegiality and interdisciplinary collaboration are crucial to our success. That’s why we benefit from BKW Building Solutions’ broad-based network of partners and work hand-in-hand across companies. Thanks to the networking of specialist knowledge and skills, our customers can enjoy professional consulting and top-class holistic solutions. In turn, our employees can benefit from exciting insights and diverse development opportunities offered by the wide array of partnerships and projects.

We rely on modern technologiesWhile the installation sector still requires a lot of hands-on work, we use cutting-edge technologies in sales and maintenance. They make our day-to-day work easier and open up new opportunities and possibilities. Stocktakes, analyses and maintenance can already be carried out from the air, easily and conveniently, thanks to drones, while modules can be cleaned in a semi-automatic way by robots, or using cleaning machines. Modern technologies support us in carrying out tasks and activities in a more efficient, safe and reliable way.


What we’re currently working on

We’re moving with the times. We are automating our processes and digitalising our customers’ experience, step by step.

The digital customer journey
We’re working with BKW Energy to digitalise and automate the customer journey. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables us to shape the various processes from start to finish, from bids to sales, installation, service and maintenance. In turn, this enables us to process an array of parallel projects in a professional, reliable way: thanks to cutting-edge mobile devices, our employees can access their digital customer dossiers any time, anywhere. In addition, automatically generated emails and project status notifications make our work easier. And, as orders are recorded via a ticket system, we are able to respond to our customers’ needs and problems quickly and with agility.