Health and safety

It’s important to us that our employees feel comfortable. That’s why we support them in combining their work and family life, while comprehensive health management, targeted prevention measures, support and counselling serve to support their safety at work and their health.

Striking a good balance between work and leisure

At BKW Building Solutions, employees can combine their professional and personal goals. Where possible, we offer flexibility in terms of working hours, holidays, working from home, or the provision of unpaid leave.


Occupational health measures

BKW Building Solutions cares about fostering and supporting the well-being, motivation and performance of employees. Our health management team supports and advises them on issues around health, performance, illness and accidents – personally and confidentially. Plus, we work closely with BKW Energy, which has various partnerships with external company counsellors. These counsellors are available to all the employees of BKW and support them when they are facing personal and social challenges (e.g. conflicts, financial issues, caring for relatives, nurseries, loss/grief, addiction).


Occupational safety

Safety is a top priority at BKW Building Solutions. That’s why we create specific framework conditions for safe working – a key foundation for the health of our employees. From personal protective equipment to a range of courses on ergonomics and accident prevention, our employees benefit from a wide range of services and measures to prevent occupational and non-occupational accidents and to help them feel safe at work.