Work culture

We are diverse. We believe this diversity provides opportunity and enrichment for everyone. We use our collaborative, appreciative and responsible interaction with each other to create a positive working environment where everyone can feel comfortable.

We are BKW Building Solutions

We ensure we interact in a trusting way, stand up for each other, learn from each other and develop ourselves together. We take responsibility, act carefully and are keeping pace with the times, so we can actively play a role in supporting a sustainable, liveable future.


Diversity as an opportunity

Our employees are unique. Regardless of their age, nationality and origin, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation and individual skills, every single person embodies BKW Building Solutions AG and represents the diversity that sets us apart. Everyone is welcome, and we’re proud of that fact. 
In our collaborative, appreciative interactions, we create a working environment built on equality of opportunity where every employee feels like they belong and can be themselves.


Diverse Mitarbeitende der BKW Building Solution

Our concept of leadership

Our managers trust in their employees, promote respectful, appreciative interaction, support and challenge independence and see change as an opportunity. They think ahead, their decisions and actions are solution-oriented, their communication transparent, clear and appropriate to the situation. In addition, they create the framework conditions for successfully networked cooperation within the team. We can rely on our managers.


Eine Mitarbeiterin und ein Mitarbeiter der BKW Gruppe