The world of crafts at BKW

Our employees devote all their experience and passion to new-builds, conversions and renovations in an array of settings. Our specialists lay the foundations for innovative, sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, buildings and infrastructure.

The world of carfts at BKW

Our manual roles are not just diverse – they’re critically important; without them, the lights literally wouldn’t turn on in many places. The BKW Group’s manual tradespeople prove their skills at lofty heights, underground, in new-builds, or wherever they’re needed. One thing is for certain: it’s never boring!

Our trades employees make diverse projects a reality, taking on a key and fundamental role. Below, you can see the diverse range of job profiles in which you can help BKW shape living spaces.

Job profiles

As Site Manager, you are responsible for the implementation of construction projects in the electrical high-voltage network both for our own networks and for external customers. You ensure smooth, legally compliant processing and implementation of the work. You have an advisory role in structural engineering issues and develop suitable solution strategies.


As an Electrical Engineer, in addition to project management you are responsible for areas of activity from design and implementation planning to project implementation. You are responsible for monitoring the execution, scheduling and quality. You oversee the awarding of contracts, evaluate quotes and define specifications. You also support the maintenance departments, especially in strategic matters.


As a Network Electrician, you handle new-builds and conversions, and maintain low- and high-voltage cable installations, overhead lines, cable distribution cabinets, transformer substations and public lighting. You spend a lot of time working outside and ensure that electricity gets from power plants to consumers, keeping them supplied with energy.


As a Project Manager for lighting, hydroelectric plants, infrastructure and distribution system you plan, analyse, manage and coordinate an array of projects and assist with their implementation. You are responsible for the budget and schedule, you monitor the implementation of construction and you offer support with procurement. You lead and motivate people from an array of specialist areas and hold the threads of all the project tasks together.


You are responsible for ensuring that buildings have a safe, reliable supply of fully hygienic drinking water and natural gas. In bathrooms, kitchens, for washing machines and elsewhere, you lay all the necessary pipes for water, sewage and gas, including shell constructions. You then install fittings like bathtubs, sinks and shower trays once pipes have been bricked in. You work independently and competently, with an eye to energy efficiency and supporting the environment, coordinating your on-site work with other specialists.


Open positions

What we’re currently working on

The profiles of trade professions are changing, along with the required skills. BKW handles a broad spectrum of projects, from traditional assignments to cutting-edge solutions which call for finesse and innovation.



Become your own energy supplier with solar cells on your roof; you can charge your electric car, boil water with solar power or heat your rooms. With Home Energy, we have developed a solution that enables homes to efficiently store the energy they produce and manage it intelligently. The right management or electricity storage helps our customers increase their usage of their own energy and fully exploit the potential of solar electricity.


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Putting your foot on the pedal without causing CO2 emissions: electromobility makes it possible. And it’s on the rise. BKW develops and installs attractive solutions for charging electric cars, at home (in houses or apartment buildings) and on the road. We’re not afraid of new challenges, like the project for an e-bus charging station that we’re working on at the moment.


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Electrical installations

Electricity is the nervous system of every building. We install reliable, secure electric solutions using cutting-edge technologies in private, commercial and highly specialised industrial buildings. Energy efficiency is an important tool in reducing energy consumption without impacting convenience, quality or benefits.

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