Trial apprenticeship & how to apply

Which apprenticeship is right for you? How can you get to know our company and our people, gain insights, or submit your application? We’ll guide you to your dream apprenticeship, every step of the way. 

I'm looking for a trial apprenticeship

BKW Energy and Power Grid offers an array of exciting professions. You can register for a trial apprenticeship or information event here.

The trial apprenticeship and information event are only held in German.

Trial trainings for Network Electricians

As a Network Electrician, you need to have a head for heights, love working outside, and be ready to make an important contribution to electricity supply. You’ll get an insight into this action-packed job during your taster. To register, just send us an e-mail with your CV. Perhaps you can tell us why you’d like a taste of this particular career? We look forward to meeting you! 

PS: To ensure safety during the taster training, German language skills are required at B1 level. 

[Translate to Englisch (CH):] Bild Schnuppern als Netzelektriker

I’d like to apply

You can submit your application electronically via the ‘Apply’ button in the job posting itself, in just a few clicks.

View apprenticeship vacancies

View apprenticeship vacancies

Your application should contain at least the following three parts:


Use your cover letter to let us know why you are interested in the position and the company. You can find more information about the profession and BKW on our website. In one page at most (shorter is fine), describe why you would like to enter this profession and why you are the perfect person for the position. 

Tips for writing a good cover letter:

  • Which position are you applying for? Make sure to mention it.

  • What is it that attracts you to your dream profession? To the industry? To BKW?

  • Have you already attended a taster day in this profession? What was your impression?

  • Describe yourself as a person. Which of your strengths and qualities make your dream profession a good match?

  • Why should we offer this apprenticeship to you? What do you offer that makes you a good fit with us?

Your CV gives us an overview of everything you have done to date. The structure should always be the same and the content should be tailored to you. But you can get creative with the design!

Personal details

List the details that relate to you: full name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, place of residence, nationality.

Make sure your email address is suitable for a professional context. An email address with your first name and surname is always good.

Attach an application photo. Make sure it’s high quality, with a neutral background, and that you’re looking professional. A relaxed pose with a nice smile always works best. 


Which schools did you attend, from when to when? List the names, starting with the one you attended most recently.


List the experience you have gained already. Perhaps you have done work experience at school, a holiday job or a taster apprenticeship. 


What languages do you speak, and how well?


What do you do in your free time? What voluntary work do you do? Perhaps you’ve already taken on responsibility in your school or family business, in associations or in a youth organisation such as the Scouts. You can list it all here.

Scan all your school reports and work references (including holiday jobs) as well as your diplomas. Make sure that they’re complete and legible. 

If you have already completed one or more taster apprenticeships/holiday jobs, include your taster report. 

Compile all the scans into a PDF document, using the free web app Smallpdf, for example.

What's next?

Once you’ve sent us your application for your desired job via the job ad online, we’ll send you a confirmation of receipt so you know it’s made its way to us. We’ll then look over your application carefully, which can take up to two weeks, depending on when we receive it. If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be invited to learn more about apprenticeships at BKW Energy and Power Grid on a visit to one of our locations. On this application day, we will give you a deeper insight into the profession and go over anything you’re not clear about.


Tips for you

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about taster sessions at BKW below.  You'll also find helpful tips on how to prepare for an interview with us. At the moment this information is only available in German, but we are working on making it available to you in English as well.