Working culture

We are diverse. We see our diversity as an opportunity which enriches everyone. We support you in combining family and career and are committed to your health and safety.

We are BKW Energy und BKW Power Grid

Agility and trust are important to us. Our managers believe in the skills of their employees and promote personal responsibility. We see change as an opportunity, which is why we question the status quo and boldly forge new paths. Because we want to create the living spaces of the future.


[Translate to Englisch (CH):] Zitat Daniela Aeberhard
«[Translate to Englisch (CH):] Unsere Stärke ist das Zusammenspiel von verschiedenen Berufen, Kompetenzen und Ideen. Gemeinsam gestalten wir Lebensräume, in denen Menschen gerne arbeiten, leben und sich entfalten können – heute und morgen.»
Daniela Aeberhard, Leiterin Human Ressources


We see diversity as an opportunity. Thanks to the diversity of our specialist areas, professions, competencies and ideas, we enrich and learn from one another. In our collaborative dealings with each other we create a working environment built on equality of opportunity. We take responsibility for people with restricted abilities and support employees in challenging situations with expert advice.


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Our concept of leadership

Our managers trust in their employees, promote personal responsibility and see change as an opportunity. Their decisions are solution-oriented, their communication transparent and appropriate to the situation. They create the framework conditions for successfully networked cooperation. We see our shared concept of leadership as an image of the future. We want top-class leaders who lay down clear expectations and promote networking and dialogue.