We support our employees

Our environment is constantly changing – and so is the world of work. Our employees are the foundation of our commercial success. We want to create a congenial environment for them and offer them opportunities to keep developing, keep accomplishing. 

We offer our employees the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. We actively support our employees with individual training opportunities within the network. This means we ourselves are constantly developing while driving technological, economic and social change.


[Translate to Englisch (CH):] Zitat Pia Gebele, HR Managerin IFB Eigenschenk
«The thing I find unique in the engineering team is working across borders, and that everyone can contribute their own expertise, which brings us all forward.»
Pia Gebele, HR Manager at IFB Eigenschenk

Further education

We offer our employees a broad spectrum of training and educational opportunities. We promote specialist and management careers equally. We have numerous development opportunities in both on-site training and digital workshops. 



We have a leadership programme to foster a shared understanding of leadership within the network. The leadership programme aims to strengthen managers in their day-to-day work. It focuses on issues like networking and a shared understanding of leadership and values. We offer various webinars, coaching sessions and other opportunities, regardless of individual professional experience.