We provide top performance in a competitive market. 
In project management, we are committed to high efficiency, top quality and adherence to budget. And you also benefit from the many synergies that come with the interaction of our four business areas – energy, telecommunications, transport and water.

The exciting world of infrastructure

As the largest network construction company in the energy sector, we operate at low and medium voltage as well as high and maximum voltage, safely and conscientiously. We build, lay and connect all types of copper, fibre optic and coaxial cable networks for our customers in the telecommunications sector.
In the field of transport infrastructure, we work specifically for public transport providers – in tunnels, on the road and on railways. 
And in the water sector, we offer sewer maintenance, condition analysis and leak test


Job profiles

As a network electrician you build, operate and maintain electrical systems.
Your tasks also include overhead line and cable work in the fields of energy and transport, as well as low- and medium-voltage installation. You will expand transformer stations, help with the installation of public lighting systems and create LV and MV sleeves and terminations.
You will impress our customers with strong performance in construction and installation work. You will ensure that the electricity gets safely from the place of production to the place of consumption.
The work is mostly outdoors and in a team setting. The activities are varied and exciting.


As an electrical installer you will carry out all types of electrical installation in the infrastructure and industrial sectors. You will undertake a wide range of manual work, from heavier tasks such as laying pipes and cable trays to fine-tuning like creating cable connections. 

You will be responsible for different installations depending on the area. In the fields of transport and energy, you will carry out low-voltage installations in tunnels, lighting and signalling. In the field of energy supply, you carry out the installation of high- and low- voltage systems. 

The drainage technician’s primary tasks include the maintenance, inspection, examination and refurbishment of pipes and systems. 
You will work with the latest technologies and contribute to an intact environment. 


At BKW Infra Services, a pipe network fitter is a specialist in the construction, maintenance and operation of gas and water supply networks. They monitor work on the construction site and carry out safety checks.  
They are responsible for the service and maintenance of drinking water fittings. 

How we work

We provide top performance for our customers. We are process-oriented, punctual and economical in our work. With our wealth of experience, we deliver comprehensive services throughout Switzerland on a daily basis, even when our resources have to be scaled up for implementation at short notice. In all our thoughts and actions we focus on the needs of our customers and communicate on an equal footing. Our employees represent friendly customer focus and uncompromising quality

Transformation in the energy industry, the generational change in telecommunications networks and the growing demand for mobility and safety in road and rail traffic have resulted in complex challenges that require sustainable solutions. We implement those solutions consistently and routinely. The combination of our proven flexibility and our expertise is the decisive success factor in our projects. Corporate social responsibility is embedded in our work. Our compliance with all the relevant laws, norms and working standards is a given. 


We take our social and ecological responsibility towards people and the environment seriously. This is confirmed by the systematic improvement of our environmental performance and the way we work, and is reflected in our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and EKAS 6508 certifications. We face challenges day after day and constantly reach higher, with a great deal of motivation and innovation.

What we work on

As a leading network service provider, we impress our customers with reliable, innovative solutions in the fields of energy, telecommunications, transport and water. 
Urbanisation, population growth and rising mobility are increasing the importance of an efficiently planned and integrated network infrastructure. BKW Infra Services is thinking and planning for tomorrow today thanks to our network of specialists in this field.



The complexity of mobility is increasing dramatically with increasing demand, new forms of mobility, hybrids and greater variety. Adapting services and infrastructure in line with requirements means successfully coordinating the demands of individual mobility and public transport routes and aligning them with the mobility mix of tomorrow. We monitor these developments very closely and we are at the forefront in meeting new requirements and continuously adapting and expanding our portfolio in the transport sector. We are excited to see what the future will bring – how about you?

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We are continually developing our expertise, and tackling future topics head-on. Because innovation is highly important to us – especially when it comes to digital transformation. Digitalisation in the (network) construction industry now has a name: BIM. And we recognise its potential. BIM stands for building information modelling and, in general terms, it refers to an approach that supports collaboration and data exchange between stakeholders involved over the entire life cycle of a construction project or network. 

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The concept of service has changed fundamentally in recent years. Service was once taken to mean reactive intervention in the sense of “fix and repair”. Now it has expanded to include all services and optimisations that guarantee a high level of operational reliability and which facilitate simplified, cost-saving use across the entire value chain. Our broad expertise in the fields of energy, telecommunications, traffic and water already puts us in a position to support you and your systems across the entire value chain.


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