Health and safety

We take the health and safety of our employees seriously. This is reflected in the implementation of a range of operational health management measures and the launch of the safety campaign to prevent accidents, to name just a few examples. We look after the mental and physical health of our employees.

Work and leisure in harmony

At BKW Infra Services, employees can combine their professional and personal goals. Where circumstances allow, we offer flexibility in working hours, holidays and remote work. In addition, the option of part-time work promotes harmony between family and work. 


Occupational health measures

As cross-company collaboration within the BGM Group indicates, we are all dealing with the same issues and the vast majority of us have access to the same benefits. And finally, there are comprehensive benefits for BKW Infra Services employees through external partners – advice from social counsellors and childcare, for example.  


Occupational safety

Safety comes first. BKW Infra Services creates specific framework conditions for safe working – a key foundation for the health of our employees. From personal protective equipment to a range of safety training courses and accident prevention, our employees have a wide range of services and measures available to help them feel safe at work. 
We don’t just want to develop our service portfolio and drive innovation, we also want to play a leading role in the field of occupational safety. We have introduced a tool to prevent workplace accidents on construction sites and to recognise the near-misses.