DG Rail SA

DG Rail SA, with its 100-strong team, provides project management, construction and maintenance services for overhead power lines, earth connections and cabling to ensure the availability and operation of rail vehicles as well as site security.

DG Rail, based in Bussigny, operates throughout western Switzerland and employs more than 100 qualified and experienced staff working in various professional groups: Catenary, Earthing, Cable Engineering, Rolling Stock Guiding, Safety and Railway Mechanics. We are committed to the construction, improvement and maintenance of the electrical railroad infrastructure and our goal is to meet the needs of the railroad market by ensuring an impeccable quality of work.

Since 2021 DG Rail is a subsidiary of the Arnold Group.


Our services

  • Flexible, annualised working hours
  • Varied career paths with financial and time support for continuing development
  • Staff are treated with respect and equality
  • Close-knit, supportive team

Work culture

Our thought processes and actions are always focused on the customer. We continually develop our services and align them to market demands. Innovation, professionalism, close relationships with our customers and an emphasis on quality form the basis for our long-term success.
We adopt an entrepreneurial approach and build collaborative relationships. We lead our team with clear objectives and processes to ensure that we implement our business strategy consistently. Streamlined decision-making processes mean that we can act quickly and with focus.

The key to our success lies in competent, responsible, committed and well-trained staff. We believe in the importance of a great working environment, where trust, respect and willingness to work as a team are key elements. Our communication is always open and direct.


Competences Verkehrstechnik, Infrastrukturplanung
Number of employees 100
Website http:// www.duvoisin-groux.ch
Service provider