At BKW, we are experts in the automation and digitalisation of building technology. Our skilled employees devote themselves daily to developing efficient and economical automation solutions. In the Automation division, we plan, implement and ensure smooth operation of control systems for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and shading in modern buildings.

Take a look at a day in the life of our employees

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Our well-organised teams plan, implement and maintain sophisticated automation systems. They guarantee consistent quality, precise planning, coordinated processes and accurate implementation. Take a closer look at our projects here.

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What our employees value

<p>We set great store by a positive working environment and interpersonal factors. That’s why it’s second nature to us to look out for each other, to stand up for each other and to learn and grow together. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. Why? Because collaboration and true partnership are what set us apart. These are just some of the benefits we offer our employees:</p>

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<li>Clear and modern working models</li>
<li>A competitive and transparent salary structure</li>
<li>Rewards for good performance</li>
<li>Clear and comprehensive measures to prevent accidents and illness</li>
<li>Respect for the different personalities and lifestyles of all employees</li>
<li>Tailored training and further education opportunities</li>
<li>Support for specialist and managerial pathways</li>
<li>Discounts from third-party companies, as well as share options and other benefits</li>

Automation in buildings, systems and plants brings various exciting professions together

BKW’s intelligent solutions measure, control, regulate and monitor technical building systems, optimise energy usage and manage operations and energy data. That’s why PLC programmers, building automation project managers, automation engineers, automation technicians and other professionals are in demand at BKW. In addition to experienced professionals, we are looking for reliable apprentices and we also offer second apprenticeships.

Find interesting vacancies in the Building Automation division here

Digitalisation and automation make operations significantly more energy efficient and economical. BKW employees use the latest technologies to improve the safety and convenience of plants.
We are always on the lookout for employees in all regions to join our automation teams. Would you like to work in a stable environment with experienced professionals?

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View our apprenticeships in the automation division

View our apprenticeships in the automation division