At BKW, we live a welcoming culture

BKW is committed to a culture in which all current and future employees feel welcome and can develop. Regardless of age, gender, social or ethnic origin, skin color, nationality, language, sexual orientation, religion, physical and mental abilities or way of thinking.

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«With the diversity of competencies of our employees, the different origins or personal characteristics, we enrich each other and learn from each other.»
Daniela Aeberhard, Leiterin Human Resources

The BKW Group actively promotes the diversity of employees in our company and is committed to an inclusive culture and equal opportunities. We also live sustainable relationships and treat each other with respect, trust and as equals. Everyone benefits from this: we learn from each other, make better decisions and broaden our horizons. Diversity and inclusion are anchored in our corporate values and are therefore also an important part of our Code of Conduct:


Our communities

We already live diversity in our day-to-day work, but we often don't consciously address it yet. That's why we invite all our employees to become part of our communities, to network, to exchange ideas and to help make the BKW Group even more diverse.


Our partnerships

BKW is a partner of three associations and one society, all of which are committed to equality, equal opportunities and greater diversity. Our employees can look forward to exciting workshops, interesting learning opportunities and inspiring events.


The association Swiss Diversity is committed to more diversity and inclusion as well as equal opportunities in business and society. Each year they produce a study that examines the impact of diversity and inclusion on the Swiss economy. BKW supports the study with the aim of ensuring that as many people as possible can work in equal-opportunity and inclusive corporate cultures.


Focus 50Plus ist ein Netzwerk für Arbeitgebende unter dem Patronat des Schweizerischen Arbeitgeberverbandes (SAV). Mit Partnern aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Bildung und Politik werden Unternehmen dabei unterstützt, das Arbeitskräftepotenzial von Mitarbeitenden und Erwerbslosen der Altersklasse 50plus im Arbeitsmarkt nachhaltig und erfolgreich zu nutzen. Daniela Aeberhard, Leiterin Human Resources, vertritt die BKW im Wirtschaftsbeirat von focus50plus.

Advance is the leading business association for gender equality in Switzerland and supports companies with various programs to advance gender equality. Our CEO, Robert Itschner, is a board member.


The Business and Professional Women (BPW) Switzerland association enables women to network across industries. Through our partnership, we enable our female employees to take advantage of specific training opportunities or to receive support in preparing for management tasks or board of directors mandates.


Advancine – a symbol of our welcoming culture

To mark ten years of Advance in March 2023, artists created 30 sculptures influenced by equality. Artist Rosemary Rauber-Singleton designed an Advancine piece for BKW. It should remind us of our welcoming culture – day in, day out.

“Diversity and a variety of encounters are beneficial to us all”. 

This is precisely the message that the “Taking the time to see” sculpture conveys. Rosemary Rauber-Singleton painted a variety of people on the Advancine work of art: people touching one another, blending into one another and enriching one another.

The work of art is a beautiful reflection of the fact that there is value in absolutely every encounter we have with other people. And this is something that benefits both the individual and society as a whole. And us too as an employer.

The sculpture is therefore a superb symbol of BKW’s welcoming culture.

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